This is where our story started. The first beer brewed by WEST had to be an homage to our German heritage as well as our home city. Named after The Patron Saint of Glasgow, who was also a keen brewer, St Mungo is a great example of a Bavarian-style Helles lager. A touch of Light Munich malt in the mash brings a slight copper colour and a complex malty flavour to the beer. St Mungo has a slight herbaceous note in the background and finishes with a citrusy, zesty freshness.

    St. Mungo was awarded the Bronze medal for Best Lager at the 2019 Scottish Beer Awards.

    4.9% ABV


    WEST 4

    WEST 4 is our premium session lager. Brewed with all the same top quality ingredients and with the same meticulous attention to detail, this straw-coloured lager is clean, light and refreshing. It strikes the perfect balace between hop bitterness and lemon freshness. Try it with a giant bowl of mussels.

    4% ABV



    Every German brewer would have a Hefeweizen that they consider to be world class. At WEST, we are no different. Heidi was our first brewery dog and what better way to remember her than with this beer.

    Brewed using more than 60% wheat and Hefeweizen yeast, Heidi Weisse is a traditional Bavarian style and so is naturally cloudy with a big mouthfeel. Perle hops give good bitterness and balance. Fermentation at higher temperature brings bunches of banana flavour and clove spiciness.

    The perfect beer to have with a brewer's breakfast...sausages optional.

    5.2% ABV




    Brewed to our own unique recipe, this Munich style red lager uses a high proportion of toasted malted barley, which gives the beer its unique colour, smooth and creamy body, and sweet biscuit flavour. This is a lager that may convert even the staunchest ale aficionado. We recommend Munich Red with hearty warming stews and heavily buttered bread.

    Munich Red was crowned Best Scottish Lager at the 2019 Scottish Beer Awards.

    4.9% ABV



    WEST German Pale Ale is our homage to the IPAs and APAs with their hop-forward styles. A little wheat helps keep GPA light and fresh. We use both German hops, that lend a slight herbal character, and American aroma hops bring flavours of dried lemon and black pepper. With an elegantly dry finish, this is an incredibly well balanced ale. GPA is good friends with anything hot & spicy. If you're in our beer hall, go with the Currywurst.

    4.4% ABV



    DRK is our Dunkel lager. Dunkel is the German word for dark and this beer certainly lives up to its name. Roasted malted barley give us the rich chestnut colour, bready aromas and milk chocolate & nutty flavours. A fuller body than it's golden lager cousins, DRK is full bodied wth a creamy head. Great when paired with grilled pork chops or if you're adventurous, sticky toffee pudding.

    4.9% ABV




    Stouts come from Porters which were popularised in London in the 1700's by the guys moving freight around the banks of the Thames. They were made from dark roasted malts and were pretty robust beers. Today, WEST Black is no different. It’s like a pint of fresh espresso with rich fudge and treacle flavours held together with Herkules hops. A great beer to wash down a cheese board with. If it's the weekend, live up to the cliche and enjoy with oysters. You won't regret it.

    4.6% ABV



    Feierabend" is a German word that means to celebrate the end of the day. A sophisticated, hop-focused pilsner brewed using Hallertau Blanc hops that are bursting with gooseberry and grassy flavours that are reminiscent of a Kiwi Savignon Blanc. Crisp, elegant and fresh with a good bitter backbone, Feierabend is the perfect 'clocking-off' pint.

    4.6% ABV



    Wild WEST is a child of serendipity. A slight hiccup many years ago gives us this hazy lager that is much loved today. The unfiltered twin of our ever-popular St Mungo, Wild WEST shares the same grassy and herbaceous flavours albeit dialled up to eleven with a rich mouth feel and a bit of a citrus tang. Great with Schnitzel or good ol' fish & chips.

    4.9% ABV




    G40 is a shining example of a Golden Ale. A perfect mix of wheat and aromatic malts give a fuller body and a beautiful backbone of bread-like malt sweetness. The dusion of hops (Herkules, Cascade, Chinook and Saaz) balance the beer with bitterness and deliver a big hit of fresh citrus and tropical fruit. Left unfiltered, G40 pours hazy to the eye.

    4.2% ABV

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    Our ethos of Glaswegian Heart. German Head usually come together in equal proportions to grace most social occasions. However, when the head needs to rule this is when the call is NIX! Four different speciality malts were used in the making of this heavily-hopped pale ale. Hop additions of Lemon Drop, Mandarina Bavaria, Chinook and Saphir were used after the boil to create rich citrus notes. Low in alcohol but full in flavour!

    0.5% ABV



    Our brewing team love getting creative and coming up with seasonal brews throughout the year. A highlight in our calendar is our annual Oktoberfest celebration and we are always innovating to brew the best Märzen lager to mark the occasion. Seasonal beers also allow us to experiment with styles that go beyond our German heritage and you can always find a limited edition beer on tap at our beerhall, WEST on the Green. Keep in touch with us on Facebook to see what we’ve been up to in the Brewery and send us a message if there’s a style you’d love to see!

    We also partner with some of our favourite bars and restaurants collaborating on bespoke brews that they can serve in their outlet. If you’d love to have your own beer on tap then we’d love to hear from you.